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Welcome to Berlin-Vegan!  

Unfortunately we can not provide you a full English version of our website. Nevertheless we like to you give you a brief over view about the vegan landscape of Berlin.

About us

Berlin-Vegan started ten years ago and is still run by a group of vegans, who all have „normal jobs“. We expressly refer to animal rights, animal liberation, nature conservation and the vegan way of life as the expression and necessity of a civilized society.

Berlin vegan map

Berlin is a paradise for vegans. There is a wide range of vegan restaurants, vegan cafés, vegan shops, vegan supermarkets and even vegan bars.  For a general overview, have a look at our Berlin-Vegan map (in German and English) to find places near you or download our Berlin-Vegan app. Both come with many filter options like WiFi, dogs allowed, gluten free, vegan only etc. plus a key word search.

Meeting vegans – Berlin-Vegan Stammtisch

You want to get in touch with vegans in Berlin? Come to our Berlin-Vegan Stammtisch! We meet twice a month on the first Friday and 17th in a vegan or vegan friendly restaurant.

Check our Berlin-Vegan Facebook profile for our next get together.


Berlin-Vegan calendar

Our Berlin-Vegan calendar lists all kind of vegan related activities like demonstrations, workshops, cooking classes, animal rights activities, lectures and more. Let us know, when you plan or know an event you like to get added and mail to

 Vegan summer fest Berlin – Veganes Sommerfest Berlin

For many years we organize a huge vegan summer fest in Berlin. In 2016 we had over 60.000 visitors in three days with over 90 food  and information stalls, bands, cooking demos, a fashion show and 30 speakers. Do not miss the 10th anniversary this year!  Celebrate with us from 25.8. – 27.8.2017 on the Berlin Alexanderplatz.



Many German cafés are built on the principle of Gemütlichkeit – they are supposed to be cozy, and people will readily install themselves in their favorite café for a couple of hours. However, there are also trendy vegan cafés, hipster cafés, alternative cafés, yoga cafés and many others.

Most vegan cafés will serve cakes and very good coffee. Many have a good selection of small foods like sandwiches, wraps, salads and soups.


Vegan Brunch!

On weekends, Germans love to have a long breakfast! Most places offers breakfast until early afternoon, but the best of the best is a vegan brunch! In Germany „brunch“ is more than „breakfast and lunch“, it means „all you can eat“. Find here our list of vegan brunch places in Berlin.


Berlin has now 14 purely vegan restaurants but over 100 restaurants with vegan options: from vegan junk food to ‚haute cuisine‘. For fine(er) vegan dining try Lucky Leek, Kopps or the trendy clean eating restaurant The Bowl.  You like vegan Pizza? Try the La Stella Nera or Szify Veg.

Vegan Bars in Berlin

We are lucky to have the following vegan Bars here in Berlin: Chaostheorie – „the“ vegan Cocktail Bar, Bämerang –  the first vegan rock bar in Berlin, Kopps and  Alaska. The Wilder Hase (open in summer only) and is not a typical German beer garden but you can enjoy your beer outside in a really wild garden :-)


Supermarkets and shops

Vegan shopping is  wonderful in Berlin: You will find vegan shoe shops, tatoo studios, fashion shops and there is also a vegan sex shop in Berlin.  Dr. Pogo and  the Veganz supermarket chain are 100% vegan supermarkets and a good place to discover new vegan products and brands.

Check out our list for vegan and vegan-friendly shopping options in Berlin. All organic supermarkets chains (Alnatura, Bio Company, denn’s, LPG) offer many vegan products and even in regular supermarkets you will find a (small) vegan section. By the way, the German word for organic is biologisch or bio.


No vegan hotel in Berlin yet, but there are two vegetarian options for you: the Almodóvar Hotel and the Essentis Bio-Seminarhotel.

At most hotels, breakfast will usually be buffet style. Don’t hesitate to ask, maybe they can arrange something vegan for you. Nevertheless there are so many vegan cafés in Berlin, so you will not start your day hungry.

If you plan to stay longer in Berlin, check out our Zimmervermittlung (room service for vegans) in order to find a place of your own


Enjoy your stay in Berlin!

Christiane for Berlin-Vegan


Before you go: Did you know?

The German word for vegan is vegan, spells the same as in English, but pronounced differently. The ve is like in very, the gan like in ghana, and the stressed syllable being the second (vegán). A vegan person is called a Veganer (male) or Veganerin (female).