Welcome to Berlin-Vegan!  

This website is run by volunteers who work on it in their free time. Therefore, we unfortunately don’t have the capacity to provide you with a full English version of our website. Nevertheless we would like to give you a brief overview about the vegan landscape of Berlin in English.

About us

Berlin-Vegan is an open group of volunteers which started in 2006. Our main project is our website which serves as a vegan guide to Berlin, but we also do awareness raising stalls, we organize an open vegan gathering twice a month, and we initiated and organize the annual festival Veganes Sommerfest Berlin, among others. We expressly refer to animal rights, animal liberation, nature conservation and the vegan way of life as the expression and necessity of a civilized society.

Berlin-Vegan map

Berlin is a paradise for vegans. There is a wide range of vegan restaurants, vegan cafés, vegan shops, vegan supermarkets, and even vegan bars. For a general overview have a look at our Berlin-Vegan map to find places near you or download our Berlin-Vegan app (full English version of both available). Both come with many filter options like Wi-Fi, dogs allowed, gluten free, vegan only etc. plus a keyword search. For reviews on restaurants and cafés in English please visit Vegan Berlin or Happy Cow.

Meeting vegans – Berlin-Vegan Stammtisch

You want to get in touch with vegans in Berlin? Join us at our open meeting at the Berlin-Vegan Stammtisch! We meet twice a month on the first Friday and on the 17th of every month in a vegan or vegan-friendly restaurant.

You’ll find the upcoming dates, location, and other information both on our „Termine“ (dates) page, as well as on our Berlin-Vegan Facebook page.

Berlin-Vegan calendar

Our calendar lists all kinds of vegan related activities like rallies, awareness raising events, workshops, cooking classes, animal rights gatherings, charity events, lectures, and more. Please let us know when you are planning an event related to veganism and/or animal rights or if you know one which isn’t listed in our calendar yet.

Veganes Sommerfest Berlin – the vegan summer festival in Berlin

Since 2007 we’ve been organizing a vegan summer festival in Berlin in cooperation with ProVeg and ASS.  In 2019 we welcomed about 65.000 visitors at the festival which featured over 130 food, retail, and awareness raising stalls. On the main stage we have musicians, cooking demos and a fashion show. There are also over 30 lectures on a wide variety of topics with the „who is who“ of the vegan movement. Talks are in German and some in English. The entrance is free. The whole program will be available a few weeks before the next fest in August. To apply for a stall, contact info@veganes-sommerfest-berlin.de. The registration for 2021 is not open yet.


Many German cafés are built on the principle of Gemütlichkeit – they are supposed to be cosy, and people will readily install themselves with friends, their laptop, or a printed book in their favourite café for a couple of hours. However, there are also cafés with a different ambiance such as trendy vegan cafés, hipster cafés, alternative cafés, yoga cafés, and many more. Most vegan cafés serve cakes and excellent coffee. Many of them have a good selection of small foods like sandwiches, wraps, salads, or soups. Some cafés like no milk today and Pêle-Mêle use mostly organic and fair trade ingredients.

Restaurants and snack bars

Berlin has about 36 exclusively vegan restaurants and 60 more entirely vegan diners, bistros, snack bars, and food stalls. There are many more places with clearly labelled vegan options, adding up to more than 500 restaurants, snack bars, cafés, and ice cream parlours on our map.

For fine(r) vegan dining try Lucky Leek or  Kopps . You like vegan pizza? Try La Stella Nera. For typical Berlin food such as Döner and Currywurst head for Vöner or Yoyo Foodworld.


On weekends many Berlin residents love to have a long breakfast. Most places offer breakfast until early afternoon, but the best of the best is a vegan brunch! In Germany “brunch” is more than “breakfast and lunch”, it usually also means “all you can eat”. Find here our list of vegan brunches in Berlin. Once a month there is also a charity brunch organized by SadOns.


We are lucky to have the following vegan bars in Berlin:  the Neukölln arty bar Alaska or Neue Republik Reger in Treptow. Wilder Hase (open on summer weekends only) is not quite a typical German beer garden, but a lovely DIY wild garden well worth a visit.

Ice cream

There many places where you can get vegan ice cream and Balaram and Chimney’s are even an entirely vegan ice cream parlour. und As many ice cream parlours they close during winter, so check the opening hours before you go. For more information please visit our map. If you come to Berlin during the warmer period don’t miss them.

Many supermarkets – especially the organic and of course the vegan supermarkets – have an assortment of vegan ice cream.

Supermarkets and vegan shops

Vegan shopping is wonderful in Berlin: You can find vegan fashion shops including shoe shops, tattoo studios, cosmetics shops, hairdressers, and there is even a vegan sex shop.  See our Berlin map of vegan shops.

The collectively run shop Dr. Pogo and the Veganz supermarket chain are 100% vegan supermarkets and good places to discover new vegan products and brands. All organic shops and supermarket chains (Alnatura, BioCompany, denn’s, LPG) and the drug stores dm and Rossmann offer many vegan products, and even in regular supermarkets you might find a (small) vegan section. By the way, the German word for organic is “biologisch” or just “bio”.


There is no vegan hotel in Berlin yet, but there is one vegetarian option for you: the Almodóvar Hotel.

At most hotels, breakfast will be buffet style. Don’t hesitate to ask if they can arrange vegan options for you. In any case there are numerous and diverse vegan cafés in Berlin, so you won’t start your day hungry.

If you plan to stay longer in Berlin, check out our Zimmervermittlung (online notice board for room offers and searches) in order to find a place of your own.

Enjoy your stay in Berlin!

Before you go: Did you know?

The German word for vegan is vegan, spelled the same as in English, but pronounced differently: The „ve“ is like in very, the „gan“ like in ghana, and the stress is on the second syllable (vegán). A vegan person is called a Veganer (male) or Veganerin (female).